Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010

I'm going to make this year so different! You can help me. These are my New Year's resolutions for 2010 and I'd love your advice & comments!

1. Try something every month that scares me a little bit, in a good way - push myself to grow and try new adventures. I tackled this one first and at 12Noon today I became a proud member of the Cleveland Polar Bear Club. To gain entrance, you must be temporarily insane and jump into the frigid waters of Lake Erie on January 1st. Hundreds of people gathered on the snowy beach even though the water temp was 26 degrees, air temp was 24 degrees and it was windy & snowing. That's me in the blue bathing suit with a green Christmas tree hat. With Amo, Mike & Corrine to cheer us on, my dear friends Denise & Mary Catherine grabbed my hands and in we ran - less than 30 seconds later we were screaming back to shore. WOW was that cold. Took 30 minutes in fur lined boots to feel my toes again. But I think we're going to do it again next year! OK, what cool & different thing should I try next month to push myself?

Other 2010 Resolutions are:
1. Laugh more - I read that a kid laughs like 600 X a day and adults only about 30 (which seems more than I would have imagined, but maybe that's just because 2009 was such a crappy year all around for lots of people. This all just boils down to trying to be a happier person. Even if the economy stays in the dumps for another year, I just can't let it change my personality from the fun person I used to be. If I'm happier, my husband will be happier, my co-workers will be happier and I'll feel better about life! Thoughts on how to laugh & be happier every day include:
  • hang out more with people who are upbeat & fun, then with "the right people"
  • play with kids more often
  • include comedy shows in our social life once a quarter
  • watch more Jon Stewart and less local news that is all about death, fire, crime & poverty
  • read the funnies before I read the Metro section
  • pick more comedies on Netflix than indies (aka cool, but often depressing)
  • see live music once every 2 months
  • don't be so serious at work, even though I'm the "boss" - enjoy my job and my co-workers!
  • what else can I do here? what makes you laugh/happy?

2. Build a healthier body - even for just the vain reason that it will make my 2011 Polar Bear plunge photo easier to look at! At age 46 I feel age creeping up on me and aches and pains stick around longer than they used to. I have to take better care of my body if I want it to last another 45 years! Ways to do this:
  • no eating after 8 pm
  • make healthier food choices every day
  • log onto every day to measure my goals
  • Save rich foods & alcohol for special occasions
  • go to my gym a minimum of 3 days a week
  • find one outdoor activity every quarter that is fun AND excercise (this quarter will be the Metroparks toboggan chutes, hopefully with my little sister Kate and her 3 kids!
  • buy a pedometer in January and start walking more every day
  • what else would you suggest, c'mon there are hundreds of things you can teach me here!
3. Learn to lead a less stressful daily life
  • be 15 minutes early to everything so I'm not dashing around like a crazy person
  • learn to say no graciously more often so I'm not over committed
  • create weekly menus so when I get home at 6:30 PM I know what's for dinner
  • track expenses more closely to get a better handle on our household budget
  • talk to my parents & siblings on a more regular basis to remember what's important
  • use Friday afternoons to strategize and plan my next week at work
  • what else would you suggest to take stress out of the day to day?
4. Build a healthier mind open to all possibilities
  • watch less tv and read more books
  • cook a new dish at least once a month
  • be kinder & less judgmental
  • listen more than I talk when I'm with my husband - he's the world's best listener and I tend to take advantage of it that too often
  • complain less and focus on the glass half full
  • make it a point to add new friends to my circle constantly to keep it growing & alive
  • what else can I do to expand my mind?
5. Explore my city like an out of town tourist would - when I plan a trip, I buy maps, explore websites, ask friends for suggestions for how to spend my time. What am I missing out on in my own town because I tend to stay close to home & the familiar? Ways to do this include:
  • try out an inexpensive, locally owned restaurant in a different neighborhood every month
  • one weekend a month go visit another Cleveland or suburban neighborhood to explore shops, parks and attractions
  • what else would you do as a tourist in your own town?
OK, that's it for now, I'm exhausted but excited about all I can accomplish this year. And I don't quite know how to use blogs, but I'll learn!


  1. Fun blog! Keep at it. I think if you keep the spirit of adventure going ("What big, wacky thing will Margy do next month?"), you have a steady readership. And maybe a book option!

  2. I download comedians on my ipod and while I am running I am laughing until I am crying (I am certain some random folks are convinced I have lost my mind.)
    give yourself a challenging goal and a deadline (mine is 26.2 miles on 3/21/10)

    I figure eat simple light often(6 meals/day) drink lots of water 6 days/week 7th day whatever I want all day and any alcohol
    run 4 times a week lift weights 2 times a week and 1 day yoga/long walk/whatever I feel like
    read inspiring stuff at least 2 times a week for 30 minutes pick a real life hero and see how they lived read their journey
    figure out what your gift is somehow ask your family/friends and give it away and live in a state of gratitude write down 5 things you are grateful for everday