Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 22, 2010

Don't know how often bloggers update their blog, but once every few weeks is good for me or I'll bore myself and my teeny tiny following of 10 :).  Here is my resolution update:
Resolution One: Try something every month that scares me a little bit
Working at coming up with my scary thing for February.....don't think indoor mountain bike park is the right kind of scary.....I want it to be things I will actually enjoy - although jumping into 26 degree lake wasn't "enjoyable", the entire event (tv camera's, friends on shore w/ blankets and hot chocolate, etc.) surrounding it was)....and since I'm not a mountain bike kind of girl, think I'll pass on that idea.

One kind of scary thing (in a good way) is that Amo and I booked 2 plane tickets to Italy for 10 days in May! Scary because a European vacation always costs $5,000 minimum and I just don't know what kind of year this will be for my company. But we're stepping out on a limb and being optimistic and going for it. Fly into Rome and have day to see Vatican, Parthenon, Coliseum, etc. before we take the train up to Tuscany for a week in a 3 bedroom apartment in a gorgeous hillside town called Cortona (made famous by the book & movie "Under the Tuscan Sun". Two other couples from Washington DC are joining us and sharing an apt. is WAY cheaper than booking individual hotel rooms! Cooking classes in Italy, I can't wait! Here's a picture of the town:

Resolution Two: Laugh More
Kind of hard to laugh a lot this week while watching the news reports from Haiti. Love how Red Cross has made it so easy to give, just text from your phone and they get $10. Isn't technology cool?
Also reading the funnies doesn't help. Only funny I find funny is Dilbert, so reading them every day just turned into one more thing on my to do list.  Thanks Sheri for suggesting downloading comedians to ipod. I do love to listen to fun story tellers like Ira Glass and David Sedaris. Now I need to download a travelogue about Italy to get excited

Resolution Three: Build A Healthier Body
so hard to get excited about outdoor winter sports as I am a freeze baby....loved sledding, not a big cross country skiier, seems WAY more fun to downhill ski. But today is 50 degrees and raining (spring in January!). But, Cleve newspaper just listed all the indoor water parks close to us and I think spending a day in a bathing suit going down water slides on an innertube sounds like my kind of indoor sport. Think I might try that next!

Also I have to come up with more interesting ways to use my gym, because it just seems like one more item on my to do list and it stresses me out on weekends when I want NO structured schedule vs. my 7 am - 9 pm weekdays....any ideas on how to view gym differently?

Resolution Four: De-Stress
I know everyone is working 2 jobs right now and thankful they have a paycheck, but doesn't it seem like EVERYONE has less time for fun and is stressed out these days? I'm no exception and will spend 1/2 of every weekend working to make up for letting my secretary go in '09. But trust me, this ONE little thing works magic. Make it a point to try to arrive at every appointment 15 minutes early. I'm no longer racing in the door, out of breath when I walk into places. I don't have a knot in my stomach as I glance at the clock in my car and think mean thoughts about the tiny little old lady driving 20 mph in front of me on a 35 mph street.....because I have time to spare I feel more relaxed. This may be the biggest improvement on my life of all my resolutions and it's such a little thing!

Resolution Five: Build a Healthier Mind
I do watch less tv now. I just refuse to sit like a vegtable for 4-5 hours a night watching someone ELSE have a life. I TIVO the shows I like the most and watch them when I want. At night, even if I have low energy, I'll think of a project around the house, pick up a book or have dinner with friends instead.

Still working on not being a complainer. Sometimes I just like to problem solve out loud (PS, men hate that, they immediately try to solve the problem for you). Have to re-word things so it sounds like problem solving, not bitching. AND to stop actually complaining unless I am going to do something about it and have the control to actually do it.

Resolution Six: Be a Tourist in my own town  - 
Thanks to seats from friends Charlie & Erica Miller, we did the ultimate tourist thing last night. Watched the Cav's and LeBron beat the Thunder in a nail biting 100-99 game that we won with 8 seconds to spare. So cool to see downtown so alive....20,000+ sold out Q and the crowd was wild!  I may just have to get the Convention & Visitor's Guide to Cleveland and slowly check off every item this year.

OK, will work harder at all my resolutions this week!

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  1. oooh so fun to see the Cavs live! I am taking Anthony to see the Lakers for his 19th birthday and my friend Vicki has a loge that say night VIP parking and a suite I am not going to tell Anthony about it until we get there and start walking to our seats!! Live sporting events are a blast~flashback to so many fun days with you and the bleachers at the Indians games!