Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010

Wow, I have 5 followers and one of them is NOT related to me. How cool is that?  Today I did something that made me scared - in a good way. I was the guest speaker for a group of entrepreneurs who meet monthly called The Gorilla Group. About 30 people in the room and I had to share the story about how I bought my business from the founder after working for her for 12 years. I HATE public speaking and would prefer to never be in the limelight. I like to ask the questions, not answer them, but I know that I will never grow my business unless I feel comfortable speaking to groups so despite the fact that I was so nervous I thought I might yak, I did it anyway. And you know what, it wasn't that bad. People aren't out to get you, they just want to hear your story. Imagine that. I must listen to too much 60 Minutes kind of media where the whole point is sneak up and attack.  I hardly listen to news at all anymore because they just interview each other and pretend that that is news. YAWN.

I know that blogs are only interesting if you put a lot of graphics or photos in them, but unless I pull out my Blackberry and snap my own photo at places (kind of weird), what else can I put in here to make it feel less like a report?

So, today, I ate a great breakfast, a small lunch and an even tinier dinner. Feel great and actually weigh less than 1/1 because I'm skipping the one glass of red wine I usually drink with dinner. I want to believe the French who say it is actually good for you to do that, but not if it's just extra calories.

So....this weekend I'm determined to explore a part of the city I don't know well. Was thinking I would find a cool locally owned restaurant, independent shop and a maybe a pretty park or attraction/museum that that area is known for and go visit them all on a Saturday afternoon for exploring & lunch. Using a couple of local books to help (Ethnic Eats and 52 Romantic Outings in Cleveland).....I'll pick a part of the city tomorrow and begin planning and share pictures from there to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone.

One thing I'd LOVE to do is a flashmob....but they don't seem to have them in Cleveland. Just think it would be hilarious to be one of several hundred people who are all in on a big joke and the audience is baffled....like one of my favorites: places that organizes these www.improveverywhere.com - love these people that just make folks laugh every day!

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