Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

To darn cold to brush off car and go to gym today (even though my husband went) so I got out the Wii Fit and did 35 minutes of aerobics and strengthening exercises.  Which only made me realize how dirty my house is. I mean when you are doing push ups on your living room rug and you find 1/2 a cracker right in the middle of the floor from a party you had on Dec 23rd, it means you really don't vacuum that much :). But I will this afternoon.  My lil' sis called at 7:20 am to see if she could sleep on our couch all day after 12 hour shift in ER because snow is too bad to drive 75 minutes home (in perfect weather), so I let her in, turned on fireplace and gave her 2 comforters and a pillow before I went to work. Wow, goes to show you how tight the economy is when people are willing to drive that far for a job....because there are no other jobs closer to her!

Tonight I tried 2 new lighter versions of recipies I love, Julia Childs potato & leek soup and salad lyonnaise. I used the Cooking Light version of the soup and although it is very satisfying and only 130 calories a serving, without cream it has the look and consistence of apple sauce (after I used an immersion blender in there to chop up the potato chunks just a bit). I would try this receipe again but not something I'd serve company (except if your name is Kate and you are my little sister, then technically you are not "company"). Also had salad lyonnaise - used this yummy receipe.

My suite mate at the office, Dawn, walked into office this morning and said "Margy, I tell you this is going to be a year of abundance!" Love her contagious optimism. And maybe it's just the good luck of the first Monday of January, but both of us got calls for new business from people we haven't heard from in a year or so. YAHOO. I think this year is going to be different.

Well, we are starting off with abundant snow. Lots of Cleveland suburbs got over a foot today and more is coming down right now. least I don't live in Minnesota or Maine, they have it worse! (have 2 siblings in Maine!).

Anyone have any suggestions for other things to add to my life that either de-stress or bring happiness? I'm trying to be a more courteous driver, but let's face it. there are so many MORONS on the road, it really is hard not to want to tailgate a few of them ...I'm trying!

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  1. I start each day with gratitude it keeps my peaceful.
    today I am grateful
    1. Ramzi's coffee it is perfect!
    2 .my health(even though I have some little flu bug I am blessed with a healthy able body and mind!)
    3. my warm home/ 3 people that call me "mom" and my sister Margy who is so special to me because she is kind and genuine and I love her contagious laugh
    ~ and my new found awareness of all my abundant blessings.