Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

Resolution #5 - Explore my city like an out of town tourist 
Decided to slowly work our way though the ethnic restaurants in Cleveland and on Friday night we tried Sterle's Slovenian Country Home on E. 55th Street in Cleveland. Mike & Debbie came with us and we all tried to imagine what this place looked like in the 1960's when it opened and Cleveland was a booming city and post-WWII prosperity had the steel mills going 3 full shifts a day and eastern European immigrants packed this neighborhood. But this night, with 25 degree cold and about 6" of snow today, there are only 2 other tables in this 300 seat restaurant. There was a lone musician on stage with an electric accordian and we thought it would be hilarious to eat weiner schnietzel and then polka, but 1 hour into our dinner, all the power went out at the restaurant and the emergency lights came on. The waitresses, all with heavy accents and traditional Slovenian dress brought out candles to the 2 remaining candles, but with NO music and no lights (and at this point, no people) it was almost erie. Thank goodness Kate told me about Pandora a week ago and I had it as an app on my Blackberry. I just typed in Frankie Yankovich and put my phone in the middle of the table and internet radio brought the music back to the restaurant. Our waitress thought that was pretty hilarious.  Family style meals were HUGE and we opted not to take home any of the left overs as we had had enough heavy food and Slovenian beer (Lasko - yummy and slightly sweet). Try it before it disappears from the Cleveland landscape and all we have are chain restaurants like Applebees.

Resolution #2 - Build a healthier body

Find an outdoor activity every month that is fun AND exercise - and what better way to do this than to go sledding with 4 kids? Kate stayed in nice toasty house while Amanda, Dan, Mike & neighbor Jared and I took sleds, snowboards and the always popular saucer (popular because you have NO control and you spin around like a crazy person) out into the back fields behind their house in Jeromesville. The kids had built a jump out of snow and if you aimed the sled just right, you could get airborne for about 2 seconds. FUN to wipe out in a pile of kids.

Resolution #1 have more fun! - hanging out with people who are fun....Friday night Amo and I went to the VIP opening of Tremont's newest restaurant, Dante's. Formerly the Third Federal Savings & Loan branch in Tremont, it has all the old beautiful architecture you would expect from a 75 yr old building with crown molding and marble floors. They spent a year transforming into a cool new restaurant. Here is Amo standing in the vault that is now a private dining area that can seat a 4-top. Place was filled with neighbors and friends, most of whom were invited because they are Facebook friends of Dante Bocuzzi....the power of social had to be on Facebook to know about this cool party happening!

Asked my sister, niece and nephews what my next "do something every month that scares me a bit" and they suggested eating bugs and skydiving. I said "no, this isn't a bad reality show!" Kate said "try to get something - anything - published. Hmmmm....ok, I'll try!


  1. sounds like a blast sledding!
    California is nice but nothing is as magical as snow covering the world as a kid and the whole place is transformed into a glistening, slippery fun park!!

  2. Mr. Gee's Bar & Grille
    593 Broadway Ave.
    Bedford, OH 44146

    Mr. Gee's is a spacious bar and eatery located in the heart of Bedford. By day, the restaurant serves a variety of American fare—from pizza to wings to chicken dishes. At night, it turns into party central. Thursdays are karaoke nights at Mr. Gee's and Fridays are dance–your–pants–off night to a DJ.

    try Thursday night or Friday night! and photos please